Sustainability, safety and environment

IDÉ have been attentive to these issues for a long time. Product certification and correct marking accordingly, is always on our agenda. When we were working with the 2016 Biathlon World Championships, we were audited by the Norwegian Environment Agency, and no harmful chemicals were found in the products we were selling. During the last few years we have implemented additional measures, and this has been one of the main focal points reaching out to both customers and suppliers.Trygghet - et felles ansvar
  • Continuous training of our employees
    • Briefings at team meetings, manager meetings and kick offs
    • Counseling by category managers and quality assurance manager for the procurement team
    • Filing documentation and making sure there’s easy access to relevant information on the intranet and shared drives
  • Training and inspection of IDÉ’s collaborators
    • We have made our own IDÉ guidelines for all of our product categories which our collaborators must comply with
    • We carry out factory visits to verify compliance with contracts and COC
    • We check test reports and certificates
  • Updated contracts
    • All our partners undertake to comply with the laws and regulations, as well as signed contracts
  • Spot checks at approved testing facilities
    • If the information presented is insufficient or lacks approval, we will initiate sending the product to a testing institute.
  • Specially assigned employees dedicated to sustainability, safety and environment
    • This will be our specialty. That is why we have our own Quality Manager with full attention to correct marking and approval of products
    • Since 2007 there’s been a separate procurement team with specialists within every product group
    • Risk analysis
  • Updated ISO certification (9001:2015 og 14001:2015)
    • We were approved according to the new ISO-standard in September 2017

Our goal is to be the best, also in this sphere. It is imperative to us that the customer experiences trading and collaborating with us as safe – doing business in accordance with their own and our values.