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IDÉ and Corporate social responsibility

We define corporate social responsibility as "A long-term commitment to commercial success through methods that respect ethical values, people, the environment and nature" . Below you can read more about what measures we take.


Since the start of IDÉ in 1987 we have had a predominant position in our line of business. This is also reflected in the measures we take to insure our commitment and focus on the environment, quality, fair trade and increased value creation in society.
We take the climate crisis seriously and wish to contribute to a better environment globally.

This is reflected in our ISO certification (ISO 14001:2015 – effective environmental management system (EMS), with everything this implies. The ISO standards help us to see clearly in which areas we can contribute locally in order to improve the environment globally.  

Through procurement, we influence manufacturers so that they reduce harmful ingredients or switch to environmentally friendly ingredients and reduce the amount of packaging. We try to make them operate efficiently when it comes to distribution and logistics throughout the whole supply chain. By sales, marketing and our own production, we’ll be an initiator for environmentally friendly choices that our customers make. More and more of our patrons have become more conscious and it feels good for us to meet their demands of more sustainable choices. As our customer, you will always have an option of an environmentally friendly choice. In addition to being ISO-certified, IDÉ is an active member of Grønt Punkt. .

Tilstede i produksjon


Right after the year 2000, it was apparent that great alterations were happening in our industry. Demands for good documentation and delivery routines became more rigorous and we wanted to get ahead of our competitors both in this field and in sales. In 2008 we were the first company in the line of making promotional products who received both the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification for both environment and quality control. We’ve had our approval ever since, and in 2018 we were certified according to a new and improved standard – something that makes us very prou .

The certification is beneficial for both us and our clients. A higher degree of quality assurance and service leads to a more unified way of process in all of our branches in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

IDÉ House of Brands is both ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.


ISO 14001– Effective environmental management system (EMS)

This is the international standard for environmental management. The standard was updated in 2015, with better coordination of other management and control systems. ISO 14001 contributes by creating systems to reduce an organization’s negative impact on the environment. Among other aspects, this includes energy consumption, waste management, environmental requirements and regulations, supplier requirements and resource planning. By reducing our negative impact on the environment and establishing a more sustainable organizational structure we can save both expenses and energy, while protecting the environment for future generations. The standard is used within a PDCA-approach (plan, do, check, act). ).


This is the international standard for quality management. The standard was like the ISO 14001 updated in 2015, so that it will be relevant for the society of today and tomorrow. ISO 9001 gives organizations the method for how they at all times may fulfill the demands for quality which corresponds to the customer’s expectations. The standard is especially sensitive to the complex supply chains we as an enterprise must deal with. We have had our approval renewed every year since 2004, and in 2017 we were approved again by updated standard. .

Etisk handel profilering


Ethical trading initiative is a committed partnership between the industry, unions, organizations and government departments. IEH is an initiator and a resource centre for ethical trade. Ethical trade implies that companies and other participants contribute to improve working and environmental conditions in their supply chains. IDÉ House of Brands defines social responsibility as «A long term commitment to succeed commercially through work methods which respect ethical values, humans, the environment and nature». We report to IEH every quarter of the year and the reports are available for the public. .


Ethical trade is important for our enterprise. IEH is the preeminent competence hub for ethical trade in Norway and the rest of the Nordic countries, and provides us with the essential tools and resources we need in order to work well and efficiently with ethical trade. IEH supports the work we do at IDÉ, and is an initiator for us.  Working with IEH commits us in many ways. We have ratified IEH's declaration of principles, implemented guide lines for ethical trade, we work actively to create definite improvements in working and environmental conditions in the supply chain, we have annual reports about status quo and progress, continuous follow-ups, and we ensure that everything is in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Norwegian Environment Agency.



We work to make social responsibility an integrated part of our establishment, with both ethical trade and the environment.
These are some factors to make it happen:

  • Use socially responsible suppliers
  • Risk analysis
  • Frequent visits at manufacturers factories
  • Continuous assessment report
  • Sustainable value creation and the principle of continuous improvement is the driving force of our work. 
  • The suppliers wish to improve the standard when it comes to ethical trade and consideration for the environment is a competitive advantage and will be considered along with other criteria when we choose suppliers and collaborators.