As a predominant supplier in our line of business, we take our role seriously. We keep evolving and strive to be innovative when it comes to our responsibility as your supplier.

IDÉ works closely with IEH (Initiative for ethical trade) and we are ISO certified by current standards – ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015. We also have our own procurement team with all their attention focused on good routines and quality control. In addition to this, the contracts with our approved factories are extensive and stringent. We conduct our own inspections every year.

Product marking
We deal with product marking on a daily basis, and have deep knowledge within all the categories important to you. Products like reflectors, toys, electric devices, textiles, foods and so on are all subjects to product marking requirements. Product marking has been a focal point for IDÉ the last few years, and will keep being so in years to come.

Requirements for chemicals
IDÉ will provide products which are manufactured with respect and care for humans and the environment. In order to achieve this, we have obtained ample knowledge about requirements for chemicals. We test susceptible products to be certain that they don’t contain chemicals that may be harmful for humans and the environment. None of our products contain hazardous chemicals.

Sustainability – Our priority
Our goals are high, and we always aim to set the standards in our industry.  We were in fact the first in our business sector to obtain an environmental certification. Even though we are a large company, it’s on our daily agenda to make our environmental impact as small as possible, and preserve the resources of the earth at the same time. It should be easy for you as a customer to make a sustainable and safe choice with IDÉ House of Brands. Sustainability concerns more than economy and environment, it’s also about human beings. 

Ethical trade and human values
Working conditions at the factories and international human rights have always been our top priority. This is why we have annual inspections of our factories, and we collaborate closely with local inspectors to make sure that we are compliant with all laws and regulations. When we choose subcontractors and collaborators, good ethical values are a premise. They must not contribute to any corruption, violation of human rights, poor working conditions or harmful effects on the local community and environment.

IDÉ House of Brands has a liable approach when it comes to principles for good business practice by conducting due diligence. We enforce relevant global guidelines and best practice in our sector, in addition to implementing and ensuring measures for continuous improvement. By choosing a safe profile partner like IDÉ House of Brands, you can rest assured we will maintain your brand, and you will avoid having your logo end up on a product you wouldn’t lend your name to.


Our competence – YOUR safety.