Webshop for your promotional items - Edit 

IDÉ House of Brands has created and maintained webshops for our clients for more than 15 years. E-commerce and online ordering solutions have had a phenomenal growth the past years, and we run and maintain about 120 webshops for our clients in the Nordic region.

We have invested in data integration between our systems, so orders placed through our webshops is sent directly to our ERP and CRM systems, and further on to our different logistics partners. We operate today with a PIM solution as the central repository for our product information, digital assets and content management system, coupled with Magento one of the largest and most well-known e-commerce software on the market.

Our webshops are created by our in-house webmaster on a responsive framework that guarantees that the solution is optimized for both workstation computer as well as mobile phones. We have also through the years developed a range of additional functions to meet our different client's demands to an online shop solution. We are continuously working on improving our platform and have a professional partner that handles the more complicated development tasks should the need arise for integration towards clients systems, punchout solutions with or without a roundtrip, single sign-on or a point/reward solution. We also have an integration with DIBS, a professional payment service provider that ensures that payment can be done by credit or debit cards.

We keep an eye on trends and technology in e-commerce and online payment solutions and are looking forward to offer payment through the Vipps app in 2018.

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