Here you can read about the different printing methods we use. We always chose the most suitable method for your product, so that your logo or text will be accentuated in the best possible way. We have our own printing facility at Trollåsen, and at our head office in Drøbak

Screen print

Your design is printed directly on the garment, and this is often both the most affordable and the best method. Screen print is both sturdy and durable, and is suitable for t-shirts, sweatshirts etc.


When using transfer printing, the design is first printed on a special kind of paper, and this is transferred onto the garment by using a heat press. The advantage with transfer printing is that you can produce large quantities and the application process is swift. This is suitable for caps, bags, t-shirts and jackets.


Digital print is most suitable for garments made of cotton or cotton blends, albeit the last technologic advancements have made superior performance possible on polyester, cotton/poly blends and absorbent materials. DTG – direct-to-garment printing uses environmentally friendly water-based ink in the whole CMYK spectrum. With the state-of-the-art technology of IDÉ House of Brands, you may send high resolution designs straight to us, and we will print it directly on the garment without expensive set up costs or additional costs. We can print on top of zippers and seams, which renders unique possibilities when it comes to placement of your design. DTG is suitable for garments made of cotton, cotton/poly blends etc., like for instance t-shirts, sweatshirts, piquet shirts, tote bags, fabrics that are flat and absorbent.

Benefits of digital print:

  • No set up costs
  • Quick delivery
  • Full color print
  • The option of printing on top of buttons, zippers and seams
  • No MOQ



Embroidery works nicely on most garments. The embroidery can contain lots of different colors, or it can be done with a color that compliments the garment for a classy look. Embroidery is done by needle and thread, so if you depend on a 100 % exact rendering of the design, you might consider printing the logo instead. However, the possibilities are numerous, and we’re here to help and guide you.

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