Developing a good idea into a concept may be challenging. An idea has become a concept when it’s been developed into something that can be received and perceived by the target group. Elements that describe a successful concept is that it is characteristic, memorable, unifying and relevant. The goal is to make the receiver act on our message.

Why spend time on building a concept?
The communications climate of today is busy and ever changing, and so businesses must be creative and have a strategy in order to be competitive and capture the attention of the public. In this process you will lay the foundation for what you want to communicate, to whom, and how. This will be the governing idea that ties all your channels together and creates a totality..



  1. 1.What do you want to achieve?
    Always have a clear goal. It’s hard to go in the right direction without a guiding star. Would you like to build a strong brand, increase revenue, obtain a good reputation or recruit new employees? Feel free to have secondary goals, but remember to stay focused on the main goal..
  2. 2.Who is your target audience?
    Know who you’re talking to – this way, it’s so much easier to speak the right language.
  3. 3.What’s your message?
    This is entirely connected to bullet point 1. What would you like to convey to your target group? The message must reflect the overall goal of the project. Without a clear message, you will never achieve your goal, no matter how high your budget is.
  4. 4.What’s your budget?
    Know the limits for your project. It’s easy to get lost daydreaming of all the possible marketing channels and instrumentality. You should set up the goal along with the budget, so that the leitmotif will be visible throughout the whole project. .
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