SPEcialty production

What it specialty production?
An easy trick like changing the color, size and material of a product will give you the opportunity to make your company’s strategy, vision, identity and brand more visible. If you modify an existing product like this, we call it specialty production. Development of entirely new products is also specialty production. This gives you a unique opportunity to work product media into your marketing and make your brand come even more to life.

Both production and specialty production of merchandize requires the right competence. IDÉ helps you with logistics and planning, we know the regulations, we’re present in the production process, and make sure our own Code of Conduct is adhered to. The procurement team at IDÉ House of Brands work closely with the manufacturers so that we maintain a long-term relation to our supplier’s contact persons. Our quality assurance manager makes sure your products can be tracked, that they don’t contain harmful chemicals, and that they are marked in accordance with regulations concerning product labeling.


Our customers will often approach us with a great IDEA, a wish to achieve something. An IDEA could be everything from a product launch or general branding, to a fragment of an internal strategy. What these ideas have in common is that they encompass a goal that must be reached. To reach a goal, you need certain tools to build a concept around the idea that communicates in the best possible way to the receiver. When the whole picture is communicated precisely, the receiver will not only remember your message and find that it is a solution to a problem, hopefully it will bring positive associations to your brand as well. See our 4 tips on how to build a concept here.
When we construct concepts with our clients, we wish to be goal-oriented and work creatively. In order to stand out in the market these days, you have to have a distinct profile and this profile is best conveyed through tailored products.


Strandus og Bjørnis
We have on several occasions supplied customers with specially produced mascots, when they have approached us with an IDEA and a wish. We’ve cooperated with a cartoon designer from Egmont, and made sketches working together with the client. This resulted in several types of animals/characters in different situations. Together with the client, we choose which mascot is most appropriate for what they want to communicate. Should the mascot create a good atmosphere, should it reflect local values or the company values?

We have created Bjørnis for the Fire Department in Trondheim, whom will be a comforting element when children meet with the Fire Department, and we’ve made Strandus who strolls about Strandtorget mall and spreads joy around children and other shoppers. Goals can be completely different, but the product can be the same, only adjusted to fit the need. These characters are made from sketches, and can be modified to fit the exact wish that you as our client may have. The character may be reoccurring for several occasions and can be an element that creates the overall theme in your marketing. It can be used on a keychain, caps, wool hats, sketchbooks etc.

«Strandus has been a success from the day he set foot at Strandtorget. From the moment the naming competition was announced, and his first day here, he’s been hugely popular among the children, and many have made the trip to come say hi. Only our imagination sets limits to how he can be applied, both in communications and as an activity aspect here at the mall and outside too, and then there’s the merchandize that we hand out to the kids.»»