Company culture

How to create a nice atmosphere in the office


A good Company culture results in enthusiastic employees

A strong company culture and good communication internally is the first step on the way towards a strong brand. The way you communicate the company’s values internally is of great significance regarding how they speak positively about their workplace. Ask yourself this question: How do I reach out to my employees, and how can I improve? In 2018, generation Y made up a large portion of the work force, and a survey from PGI implies that 70 % of these millennials want their colleagues to be as a secondary family. This tells us that the workplace environment is one of the most essential issues we work with in a company.

The last months before Christmas are hectic in most workplaces, but it’s also a good time to show the employees that they are appreciated. Many of our patrons give wonderful Christmas presents to their employees, and this is a process we’re more than happy to take part in (see our gift alternatives here), but what about surprising your employees on an ordinary weekday? How about a Christmas calendar for the office, arranging wine bingo, or awarding outstanding performance, not only in the sales department, but for all employees?

Here at IDÉ House of Brands, we’ve even established our own amusement team, consisting of a group of dedicated people who want to spice up their colleagues workday. They surprise us with everything from trivia with prizes during lunch time and afternoon stretching, to lotteries and fun product testing. This is highly motivating for us employees!


A breather:

We’ve all experienced feeling stuck in a project, lacking motivation, or simply needing a break from what we’re doing. In a society where our power buttons are always on, phone readily in hand and never further away than an e-mail, it’s important to be able to turn off the ignition and load the batteries. This might be difficult in an office workspace, and it’s easy to reach an impasse where it’s difficult to get loose.

Why not make some measures to let the employees have a breather during the workday? An opportunity to relax for a few minutes, in order to return to work with renewed motivation? Some downtime in the day-to-day run of things is crucial to avoid a burnout. It’s important to take care of ourselves both physically and mentally. A happy person filled with energy and motivation will also achieve better results and to do a better job.


- Put away phone and computer
- Get on Your feet
- I f possible, move around
- Drink water
- Focus on something that is not work related for a short preiod of time

IDÉ will be glad to help you make measures for workday breaks. How about decorating a game room, where the employees can take a ten minute break during the workday and charge their batteries? We can supply you with everything from foosball tables with your logo on it, dart and shuffleboard - to a wheel of fortune. This room can be enjoyed for recreation after work, or even a place to hang out during the lunch break. Everyone needs recess during their workday.





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