Bratzy Coffee Table Game - Green

This is Yatzy in a luxurious packaging! With golden dices, and an equally exclusive pencil, we jack up Yatzy to Bratzy. This game is delivered in a stylish box, with a golden text printed on it, which makes it both fun to gift away, and to use as a nice detail on the coffee table.
1408+ can be delivered in 2 weeks
In stock
In stock
  • Product information
    • SKU:  VG-9152
    • Width (CM):  16.5
    • Length (CM):  12
    • Height (CM):  3
    • Gross weight (g):  188
    • Carton width (CM):  0.12
    • Carton height (CM):  0.025
    • Carton Length (CM):  0.163
    • Carton volume (CM):  0.000489