Baron copper roaster

Exclusive tri-ply copper oven dish. The first layer is the copper exterior, and the interior consists of a layer of aluminium and a layer of stainless steel, which make it easy to clean. The copper and aluminium layers conduct heat well, allowing the pot to heat up quickly and evenly.
768+ can be delivered in 2 weeks
In stock
In stock
  • Product information
    • SKU:  VG-21206
    • Width (CM):  25
    • Length (CM):  35
    • Height (CM):  6
    • Gross weight (g):  2678
    • Carton width (CM):  0.28
    • Carton height (CM):  0.12
    • Carton Length (CM):  0.44
    • Carton volume (CM):  0.014784