About IDÉ House of Brands

Vision and business concept

You can be sure we have it

Our success is the result of close collaboration with all of our clients. This teamwork has allowed us to provide the most appropriate products and service, excellent ideas, helpful advice and practical guidance.
The result is professional visibility among the target groups our clients aim to reach.Together with you and your business, IDÉ House of Brands can develop ideas that profile your company’s image and value base by means of gift items, promotrional clothing, uniforms, promotional items and other forms of business and image promotion. We are a total supplier that provides you with the right product in the right quantities at the right price and time.


Our clients can order and have delivered the quantities that suit their needs best. The possibilities are plentiful. Orders can be placed online, through the client's purchasing portal, by e-mail, fax or phone. Deliveries can be sent to a business address, distributed to branch offices or even your customer’s business address. We also deliver to your home if desired. Items are packaged in gift paper or cardboard and can include a message from you.

Excellent collaborative partners

We work with a network of collaborative partners who supply us with products. By choosing only the very best, most serious and quality-conscious partners, we have succeeded in achieving consistent, first-rate quality for all of our deliveries. Our promotional products can help you communicate your message effectively.

We will be the IDÉ supplier that stimulates relationships between individuals in the business sector.

We will assist private enterprise and the public sector with ideas to strengthen their values through gift items, textiles, uniforms, give-aways and other forms of promotional marketing. We will be the one-stop supplier that provides the right product in the right quality at the right price and time. We strengthen your relationships.